Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hackensack Jack

Never mind your wishing well,
You'll truly sink in phishing hell
When practicing apathetic cool
Thinking you're nobody's fool.
I got a rucksack full of fools tools!
And your tag is on all of 'em!

I got a handle, it's me name,
A rose by any other title is just a cigar.
Freudian slip up?
But, I betcha
You can't hold a candle by its flame.
Yet, I can!

Here's a tip up;
Wanna bet your Learjet?
Me a jack
With a jet pack
On me back!
I log on the Web
Slide on me shades
Grab me joystick
Go for a ride...
I'm hackin' it!
You better stand back!

Me REAL name's,
John A. "Nonny" Moss,
But you may call me:
Hackensack Jack!