Sunday, November 15, 2015

Cave Canum


(Once upon a time 
Adam named the concepts, 
Eve defined the options and 
the walker 
in the cool of the day 
killed an animal for skins 
to hide closed eyes from sins.) 

Then Paul asked, 

“So won't you listen to what the man said? 

And John said...

“God is a concept,  
by which we  
our pain... 
the dream is over!” 

What dream? 

This materialistic dharma.
This charming reality of
delusional harm.

If over it is, then  
we should hear the siren,
the growling alarm, 
and it is time to stop sleeping 
with the solidity of a log. 


Wake up from your vacations!
and believe not what you wish.
Beware of reifications and
beware of the Dog!