Friday, May 27, 2016

What Can I Say?

What can I tell you?
I have nothing new to say,
I wasted all my silly words
When I spilled them yesterday.
You didn’t listen then,
You certainly will not now,
So, why even bother?

In truth, I know not how
To get my point across,
Or the way to phrase my mind.
For it’s simply just a coin toss,
More or less,
Whether you think of me in kind.

Forty or more years together
And not once did I hear you say,
What your thinking was,
Or your feelings were
About my poems I pray.

It seems I’ve spent eternity
Inside your mind and soul,
Trying to understand you,
Trying to get to know
Who you truly are,
Deeply where your light does glow.

But, as for you it seems,
What I am you give little thought,
Of what lives within me there
Where dwell my hopes and dreams.
All you seem to have a care,
Is for what is sold or bought.