Monday, February 17, 2014


I wish you weren’t so busy,
Busies all you do,
Swinging through the scenery,
Like the monkeys at the zoo.

I wish you’d just sit down,
Jumping’s all you do.
Jumping up and down and up
Yes, you know it’s true!

If you weren’t so busy,
So busy as a bee,
Buzzing all around me, then
You could talk with me.

I wish that you’d be still.
Just to be and not to do.
Moving round and round and round
And, I’m so dizzy, too.

But, since you are so busy,
Too busy just to be
A decent human critter who
Cannot think of me.

I guess that I’m too busy,
Much to busy, too.
To cry away my hours,
For the likes of you.

© 2008 C. M. Baker III