Sunday, March 23, 2014

Inna Gadda Da Vida

(In the Garden of Eden)

ADAM: I believe that the phrase, "I love you" is overused and has lost any relevance to the truth of it. How say you, Eve?

EVE: Oh, Adam. How can you have such an opinion?

ADAM: It is not, an opinion, fair lady. It is the bedrock of my deep understanding of reality.

EVE: Reality? What is reality without love?

ADAM: I did not say that I believed in a reality without love, I stated quite clearly that the phrase is much too often utilized in situations that are not apropos.

EVE: Yes, yes, Adam, I understand. You believe that I say, "I love you" much too often.

ADAM: No, I was not meaning you, Eve. Please do not misunderstand me. "I love you" is used by the great and small in our society and done so in such a manner that it does not--it cannot--invoke true sincerity. It is used for any mundane occasion, such as a hello or a goodbye. It is used much too much!

EVE: Oh, but Adam, there is so little love in our world, actual LOVE, the kind that comes from the sharing of pain and joy; that the phrase needs uttered the more. Do not you think so?

ADAM: Still, Eve, the repetition of the phrase has become common and is not perceived of as the beauty that it is, but is now seen as only a utility for one's selfish gain. Can you not see this? Is this not something of which you are aware? This I surely cannot believe!

EVE: Please allow me to answer you with a question, Adam.

ADAM: [Nods.]

EVE: Do you not love me, Adam?

ADAM: You know that I do, Eve.

EVE: Then tell me so, Adam.

ADAM: I love you, Eve.

EVE: Did your saying this now, although you have told me many times before, diminish what you really feel?

ADAM: Of course not; for you are my mate, my other heart, my soul and are akin to me.

EVE: Are not the others, all who you know or not know, also akin to you?

ADAM: Well, yes; but not as you are.

EVE: How so, Adam? Wait, let me finish. How are they different from me? Are they not human beings with the same bodies, hearts and minds, as I? Do they not have the same dreams, hopes, joys or pains? Have they not the same lives and the same deaths? Are they not as deserving of love as you love me?

ADAM: I suppose so, but still...

EVE: Then why not tell them so, Adam? Why not tell them all the time? Say, "I love you, I love you," until they finally believe it so thoroughly that it becomes their sole, true reality and there is not a wisp of a doubt in their minds.

ADAM: But, it is only words, Eve, just words and nothing more.

EVE: Then prove it with deeds, Adam; by forever telling them so.

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