Sunday, March 23, 2014

Terra Finito

Hello Earth! Hope you're feeling well. Oh. You're not... Hmm... Oh, they are, are they? I like it quiet myself, so I understand. Too many, too? I see. Uh, huh. Yes, I was afraid this might happen... Of course, what you suggest may be just a touch on the drastic side, yet... Wait, hold on a minute. Alright? I'm sure you didn't mean anything by what you suggested and you have a perfect right to complain. As far as I'm concerned you have always been good and didn't I say so from the very beginning of our relationship? Yes, yes... Now where was I? Ahem, well of course I've always been right here. Thank you for re-reminding me, Earth.

Now as I was going to say; once upon a time, a long, very long time ago by their conception of time, I was going to do just what you implied, but Sophia talked me out of it...

Yes, yes she is still my bride. Oh, so you do remember our anniversary and yes it is coming up very soon. No, you weren't around when we married, yet there's no need for regret. You did recall the date, did you not? That is quite an accomplishment in itself and I thank you for your congratulations. Oh. Yes, yes I shall continue...

Well, as I said, Sophia stopped me from a planetwide deluge an eon or two ago, convincing me it was very probably impossible even with MY abilities and totally unnecessary to boot. Yes, I know you love her, Earth... No, I shan't refer to you by that appellation. Gaia is HER nickname for you' Earth and... Well, a being of my stature shouldn't... No, I shall not! I do have SOME decorum to maintain. Hrumph... Now, if you please refrain from interrupting me Gai- Uh... Earth. Very well! Thank you.

I made a promise the last time around that I would in no wise destroy you. No, not by flood, nor fire, nor ice, nor anything! Yes, I know you love me and I lo... I mean, Sophia loves you, too.

What is to be done? You mean about the creatures running amok, disfiguring your face, killing your living things and possibly making you uninhabitable for millennia or more? Well, I shan't do a thing about them. Sophia and I have had a little chat and we both agree that they are more than apt in destroying themselves.

You are most certainly welcome Earth. So, they itch you, too. Ha ha. Yes, it has been nice and we'll talk again soon. Oh, by the way. I almost forgot. Sophia is already working on her next project and this time they won't have hands.

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